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Natural Soap




A little bit of luxury and self care.

In the comfort of your home. 

On your schedule. 

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Happy Bombs™

Our Happy Bombs ™

are handmade with all-natural ingredients that will soothe, pamper, and rejuvenate your skin, soul, and mind!

African Royalty Black Soap

Our African Royalty Black Soap™ is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, works on all skin types, and helps you glow like Queens and Kings. 


Chillax bombs 

with cbd

Our Chillax Bombs™ collection brings relaxation with our infused CBD oil.


Available in 7 fabulous scents, including our Summer season featured scent: Magnolia, with undertones of vanilla, this CBD infused, magnolia scented bath bomb will remind you of a summer day spent sipping tea and looking at the blue sky.


healthy bombs™ 

Our Healthy Bombs™ collection brings you self pampering, along with selected ingredients for specific health needs.


Our customer favorite is our Healthy Bomb with carrot powder- delivering relaxation, while the carrot powder improves blood circulation and tones your skin.

Carrot bath bomb-removebg-preview.png

100% organic ingredients

to help you relax & heal

Fifteen 100% organic and natural ingredients are at the heart of all of our products.


The first fourteen ingredients were selected for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and the fifteenth ingredient is our special dash of LOVE that goes into each of our handmade products.


Because we love our customers!

Holding a Branch

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