Humpty dumpty?

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Which one f Humpty dumpty's brothers do you feel like today? Let me tell you about my day. I feel like all of them. Perhaps this will encourage you today. Since last night, I have been feeling so blue. Not for any particular reason except the feeling of being overwhelmed, pain zapping through my body like electricity, and eating my feelings...The regular cluster mess! Certainly not the way to go when you are trying to lose some weight. But for this week, (like I have been saying for several weeks now) lol I'll take things slow and do what I can! But you know what? since I found out that I am not 'superwoman', that's all I do and try to do because I need God's grace to operate. Take one day at a time, otherwise, I would drive myself crazy...I don't think I want any more crazies than I already feel most days lol

After a couple of meetings this morning, I thought I would just go back to bed and rest my achy body. I was so tired so much my eyeballs hurt but my mind would not shut up. I talked to my pastor who was so encouraging with the word. Then I remember that even though we may be strong, we need a community around us. The African proverb says "it takes a village to raise a child". How is that any different? You are not an Island. This, we have talked about in our relationship series. Everyone needs someone. Do you know what he did encourage me? The word of God was his tool. The Lord is my absolute rock. I rely on the Most High. It is no coincidence that the picker-upper I needed came from God's servant. God uses people to bless us. I was utterly blessed today. The word of God comes for the renewal of our minds. My body still feels like I was run over by a moving train... but my spirits are so much better. What does the renewal of the mind mean? It says my perspectives or the way I think of a person, place, thing, or situation is modified to reflect God's will for my life. This way, favorable outcomes are elicited. In my distracted multitasking mood, I turn to my instagram and see this post from @fibromyalgia_inspirational that said, "sometimes I'm fine just means I have the strength to carry on" It is really not by my strength but by the will of the Most High God. Everyy day I get up, pain or not...well, never no pain, I am truly blessed.

Question is...What and who do you rely on? How are the relationships around you? Do you have a support system? These systems will help us be accountable to one another. To me, the song below keeps me going. This is one of my favorite songs. Because of the things I want to accomplish in God's kingdom, what God has purposed for my life, I seek to do me, be more, and inspire more. My relationships become the more valuable base on how we can each be helpful and supportive to one another. What are you feeling today? Is there someone you can reach out to? You can reach me if you would like to talk and or hear how I overcome on a daily bases.

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