Hello and good evening, morning, afternoon...whatever time of the day where you are and or when you would read this. My name is Tikidanki F. Ntundi but for the sake of pronunciation, let's just go with Tiki! Don't worry, 'I approve this!' It feels quite strange anyway when someone calls my full name and I am not in an interview lol or something about the government...actually, I had to change from Tikidanki to Tiki on my resume to even get a callback! Ummmm! Well, conversation for another time. For right now though, let's just be casual. The Queen is an appropriate name and title :)

I hail from Cameroon, West Africa...Don't tell me, the only thing you know about Cameroon is their soccer team? lol It is ok. I came to the US when I was 15 years young and I tell you, life has not been peachy but I am so blessed for the life I have had. So many happy times, tears, and so much in between. Now, after several years in the US Army, I am "medically retired" (tears still) and just beginning a business as a result of illness (we will talk about this extensively), disappointments, faith, and wanting to help people with better options than pharmaceuticals. My struggles can be of benefit to someone...that is if you are willing to read this and try some new things.

That's that for an intro. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask and I will address to the best of my abilities. A few house rules...we are going to be casual here and talk about life in general including my dry wit (jokes). I welcome all nuggets to improve life and longevity. No negativity at all! Life lessons, a life of gratitude!

For a preview of me, listen to the "Team room talk" podcast at

I hope you enjoy!


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