Judging a book by its cover...

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In high school, I had to work after school; make it to the library before it closed. It's no wonder, sometimes I had to 'cut corners'. On such occasions when I was running out of time, cliff notes were my jam! I had to find a way to understand my work and get somewhat of an understanding of what the story was. Then, on the city bus, on my way to school (if I was awake), I would quickly read/glance through the reading to ensure what I had and all my assumptions were correct. I hated not being right or presenting facts. For your work is a representation of least, that was and still is my philosophy. Ensuring that I have facts and not just talking from "the side of my neck", is very vital when you want to be the subject matter expert. For me, the need to work smart and not hard (because of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)) is absolutely paramount. No time to double back. Finding the best and easiest path (Course of Action) to accomplishing my mission is always my preference. To be certain that I had my ts crossed, it pays to read ahead. This way, my cliff notes are only complementary and supplementary. Work smart, not hard!

My last post about being an immigrant talked about some of the challenges that immigrants face. In this same respect, the current climate forces one to be empathetic and sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. It is still however difficult for a non-black to say they understand what a black person might be going through...for until you walk in my in; experience life as an educated black woman in America. However, the Word of God is my rock. I rely on, keeps me straight while I strive to live a life worthy of that which is commanded of me. Why is all this important? Have you taken a moment to look at a person or situation differently lately? How does your own situation and experiences shape your view of the world? I want to see situations from the eyes of others. Do I always do that? NO! I'm ashamed to say. I have allowed my situations to cloud my judgments and limited my "hospitality". Father, I repent! Is this going to be overnight? Do not kid yourself. It takes time to recognize and adjust to what is happening. It is only when you take the time to open the book can you get the knowledge within its pages. Similarly, only when you get to know an individual or group of persons, do we get to find out the treasure or scraps within them. Take the time to know the people around you. The community you want to see begins with you.

Take a look at the video below then take a look at your life. how can you change someone's life? How can your situation influence another's? Remember, perception is key! How we perceive things, situations, and people will continue to shape your view of the world around you. The moment you begin to do this, you will find that your mind and body will be more at peace. Peace and tranquility are what our Euphoric bath bombs do; this is what the Euphoric Palace dreams to provide for you; give you a sense of calmness, soothing, and healing.

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