Life is delicate!

Every day I wake up and my eyes can open, I can get out of bed on my own (because sometimes, I ...for really can't for real), I just say, "thank you Holy Spirit! As much as I think I am able to do things, I am reminded by the bible verse in Philippians 4:13 that says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". The fact that I have been given life for yet another day is a blessing I treasure. Not everyone has that privilege.

In such times, we as a people; global, national, tribal, and individuals have been shown that no matter the color of your skin, education, wealth, and any other statuses, life is a gift that is not guaranteed. As the times get more and more perilous, I wonder, what do you do to keep your sanity and continuous appreciation of life? For me, the stressors of daily living chip away at me but with the word of God and my exquisite Euphoric bath bombs, I am learning to relax myself knowing that regardless of what happens, I am equipped to be strong.

Just like eggs, life can be so beautiful and precious. How we decide to live the gift we have been given will determine what impact and influence we have upon this land. I call on you to assess your life, love others to the maximum for when we are even more blessed when we bless others; but most importantly, remember that you cannot draw water from an empty well. Taking some time to love yourself and to relax, refocus, and rejuvenate yourself would be a way great to you and those who draw from you.

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