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We have been talking about various kinds of relationships in the past couple of weeks. We are also discussing how we are showing up in the world and how impactful we are being. Have you thought of that lately? How do you affect the lives around you? Are your current circumstances influencing your relationships? Are you being your authentic self? Can you be your authentic self? Still in line with the topic of relationship, today, we are going to look at how we can assess our relationships and their impacts on ourselves and to others.

Before Covid-19, life carried on like there was no tomorrow. I just kept on living as best as I knew how. If you have been following me on this journey, you would find that it has been a road to self-discovery...The journey never stops as one enters different stages in life. There is a saying that "you never really know a person" but do we ever really know ourselves? What makes you your best self? Does this version of yourself show up when you interact with others? For a long time, I thought I could just stay to myself and deal with my issues and not be bothered or be a bother to anyone else. "I just need to do what I need to do" but that's not life! Depending on what I was going through, I alienated myself from some people; even those that love(d) me. I drew closer to God in hopes to find some peace. I definitely did find peace and so much more. The more I sought God and knowing his word, the more I realized life is not about living by yourself. Everyone needs someone. More importantly, God uses men to bless other men. He will not come down from heaven to personally deliver you a blessing lol (picture my face saying this...for some humor :) ). If I alienate myself, how was I going to get the blessings he was sending me and all that I had been praying for? I began to make some adjustments and coming out of my cocoon...whether I liked it or not. Relationships are important because no one can live by themselves. Even God said it was not good for man to be alone...WOMAN was created and thus, the very first "human" relationship.

Amidst Covid-19, the power of relationships has become even more evident. An evaluation or reassessment is necessary. To do this, there is this nifty business tool that can be used throughout life. SWOT! No, its not the TV show with all the handsome policemen. how many squads of gorgeousness do you see like that? Ok, let me come back! I digressed :) SWOT is a business tool that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. You may be thinking...How does this apply to relationships? Pick one relationship in your life right now. The strength here would be that his relationship makes you feel your best self. You are more productive when you are with this person or group of people. They bring out the qualities in you that are mostly hidden to others. The improve (constructive criticism vs just criticizing you...Do you know the difference?) In the same relationship, we are moving on to your weaknesses. Here is where constructive criticism may come in handy. Are your weaknesses strengthened...highlighted for improvements? Can you even have moments of said weaknesses? Are you the "weaker link"? What are your limitations within the relationship? Next, Opportunities! What are the opportunities for improvement available? Starting with yourself, what areas of your life and personality need a little bit more work? Are there opportunities where your strengths can be highlighted? Lastly, Threats. What aspects of your relationship is threatened or threatening to others? To this area, you need to pay more attention because often, these are the area we choose to shut off and not think about but it often finds a way of coming out. Also, there are some relationships that threaten your well-being. from this, you must run and cut ties!

Now, that we have learned of a way of assessing our relationships, go forth, and prosper in your relationships. Remember that you are worth fighting for. You matter and you have a lot to offer. Take some time out and reflect on how awesome you really are and how much you have to offer those around you and your community at large.

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