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Biology says the body needs to rest in order for cell rejuvenation to occur. This is how the body sheds 'oldness' and brings 'goodness' to the surface. It is also very important for brain development in babies and teenagers. But it is also important for memory and creativity. In fact, when there is an imbalance in the system, your health deteriorates. This is how life happens. There has to be a shedding of the old for the new to emerge. I often wonder if I could be the energizer bunny. Would I really want to keep going? Probably not! I would still love some time to eat some ice cream :) I really cannot remember any time in my life that I have not liked resting. Haven't gotten much of it but you know, it is a goal lol, As a matter of fact, I could not function after a while. It did not matter how much whoopings I got, you know, it was not happening. So much that, during my first tour to Iraq, my co-workers noticed that my thresh hole for productivity was about 12 hours. No more. Then, the singing began...Anyone who really knows anything about me knows that I am constantly singing. But when the hymns come out, it was delirium time. You can expect to get nothing more out of me. Apparently, my peers had found this out. It goes to say, rest is a very important part of our daily living.

During midnight prayers a couple of days ago, one of my pastors said..."if you don't rest, you will be laid to rest" lol I fell over laughing. Trust in God and he will take care of your every need. More importantly, take a moment and carve out time for your self and your health, and for those around you. Do you know why this is so important? You can't help anyone if you drop dead! As a matter of fact, that is just really selfish. Have you thought of that? Take care of yourself means taking a time out when you need to. There was this saying in the military that I very quickly adopted...You've got to take care of yourself because if you dropped dead, you were going to be replaced so quickly. Unlike products on an assembly line, you're not replaceable. There is only one you. Treasure that. The same goes for every job. Is life worth just exiting to pay bills? No! You must take time out to 'smell the roses'...or tulips; whichever you fancy.

My New King James version bible says in Genesis 2:2, "and on the seventh day, God ended his work which he has done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done". It is so important, the bible had to emphasize it. If God could rest, what about you? I understand we live in a capitalistic, techno world but you still need rest. The world is in an uproar nor, but understand that in the might name of Jesus, This too shall pass! As a son/daughter of Zion, you know you have rest in our father. Taking a break is only an opportunity to rejuvenate the body. Do not worry, for it is well. However, if you do not make it a habit of rest but chasing $$$, you will soon be 'laid to rest'! On this channel/blog, we preach a self-healing and holistic approach to wholeness. Understanding and listening to what your body, mind, and spirit's needs is very vital. Remember, you have only one.

I have mentioned that I have always liked my rest...even before life happened :) but now, I thank God that I have found a different kind of rest in him. I have life and despite its trials, I am enjoying myself. What a treasure. The Lord assures me that I can rest in him for he is my strong tower. That gives me so much peace within my spirit. when I listen to songs like the one listed below, I am encouraged in moments of lowliness. COVID 19 is not helping! However, when you have peace within, the rest will take care of itself (with some strategy of course) for there is no food for the weary...Jesus had low times, the disciples had low times. You are probably having some low moments right now...But guess what? You will be ok. This too shall pass. Be encouraged today and take time out to rest. Read a book (your bible) that gives you the promises of God for your life and allow the Holy Spirit to give you deeper revelation! For every rule in life to include business principles, are written in the Living Word of God. If you have not, ponder on some ways you could incorporate rest into your routine. How do you "chilax"?

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